Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 28, 2009

Building Blocks

Building Blocks

      How often do you play with building blocks? Athletic performance, as well as performance in life, is in many ways similar to playing with building blocks. We need a proper foundation – building blocks – in order to establish and sustain levels of success and performance.

Building Blocks

We all know that one of the secrets of building blocks is to start with a strong foundation. A strong foundation is critical as we work toward success in all aspects of our lives. These building blocks are the foundation for a more productive and satisfying life. The building block process applies to each of our four anchors – the physical, spiritual, professional, and family aspects of life.

Physically and athletically our building blocks include nutrition, strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. We take these blocks and wrap them all into a training plan. This becomes our foundation for future performance and success.

The key with the building blocks is to make sure they are in place, and kept strong. This foundation can only be built with diligence and hard work. Consistency and repetition over an extended period of time seem to be universal elements, building blocks, that apply to each aspect of our lives.

Carefully and diligently putting our building blocks in place can produce a strong foundation for future and continuing successes. And, like playing with blocks it can be a lot of fun – just be sure to keep a strong foundation so they don’t fall.

Building with my blocks,



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