Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 14, 2009

Decision Map

Decision Map

      What framework do you use for your daily decision-making? We make many, many decisions everyday. Cumulatively these decisions have a significant impact on the direction and quality of our lives.

Decisions aren’t always easy. However, if we get in a habit of consistently making good decisions, we are more likely to have successful outcomes. Some decisions are intuitive, and some people can make intuitively positive decisions. Unfortunately, we all see folks who are victims of their bad decisions, or get caught in a bad decision. Don’t leave decision making to happenstance!

A disciplined process for making decisions will make it more likely that the decisions are positive. Recently during a long run with one of the lawyers on our Daggett Shuler team we discussed a positive decision-making process. Simply put, in all decisions we need to run them through a filter of whether the outcome is likely to be negative, neutral, or positive. If decisions are likely to be neutral or better, that is the direction we should go. On the other hand, if the decision is likely to be neutral or worse, then we don’t do it. Although this sounds simple enough, we need to make it a habit on an ongoing basis in order to have consistently positive outcomes.

Once we understand this process for decision making, then we run the process of neutral or better, or, neutral or worse through the framework of our four anchors. In essence what we have done is taken a decision-making process and applied it to the aspects in life that are most important to us, the four anchors.

This process of decision-making has an inherent bonus. The bonus is that once we start using it regularly in the everyday decisions of our lives, we are then able to apply this framework and process to multiple anchors at the same time. If our basic daily decision-making positively enhances multiple anchors on an ongoing basis we can’t help but be successful in directing a life full of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Basic everyday decision-making is critical for our success in life. Cumulatively, all these little decisions are what add up to what we are and who we are. So, make sure all of your decisions are pointing in a positive direction.

Positively toward the next decision,



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