Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 17, 2009

Total Integration

Total Integration

      We aren’t quite finished with the Four Anchors just yet! Remember that the goal is achieving balance for a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. I believe that this is best achieved by integrating the anchors as much as possible.

Total Integration

Our friend and Ironman triathlete, Dr. Joseph Maroon, in his book The Longevity Factor, calls the four anchors a four-square life. He suggests that keeping the four sides approximately equal is the best recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

I think most people have the four basic anchors in their life – their family life, spiritual life, professional life, and the physical aspect of their life. Where many folks get into trouble is when they pursue these aspects of life separately instead of integrating them. When you make the integration a way of life, it makes the critical element of balance much easier to achieve.

We have previously discussed techniques for integration in Ironman Blueprint, Marathon Blueprint, and Training With Family. Integration can be easy if we look for daily opportunities to combine the various aspects of our lives. Further, the process of an integrated lifestyle can be a powerful positive influence on our families, children, colleagues, and others around us.

Integration is more than just combining – it is making the inclusion of multiple anchors part of life. Like biking or running to or from a family event. Or, running with a colleague to work on a business issue. How about using business knowledge to assist at church on an issue that includes families, or volunteering at church for your children’s event. Once integration becomes part of our daily lives the opportunities to implement become easier to find.

When integration becomes a habit it also adds to effectiveness and efficiency. Others around us will constantly wonder how we do so much and get so much done. Integration takes opportunities to make concurrent, as opposed to consecutive, use of our time and responsibilities. We are literally doing two, or more, things at a time that contribute to integration and the resulting balance.

This integration applies not just to us and our families, but also friends, church acquaintances, co-workers, and employees. It enhances the quality of life for us and for those around us.

Pursuing Total Integration,



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