Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 26, 2009

The Professional Anchor

The Professional Anchor

       Our next of our four anchors is the professional, or work, anchor. Our work in many ways defines us, but also at the same time draws many of us out of balance.

The Professional Anchor

Maximizing and integrating our professional anchor into our lives is not necessarily an area for career counseling, rather it is effectively working on this part of our lives. Work gives us a powerful sense of identity. Further, this identity can be enhanced when we realize that our work should assist our other anchors. None of the anchors work independently, but rather in balance and in conjunction with the others.

Most of us Type A iron-people have plenty of work ethic. In fact this is where most us tend to get the most out of balance. Therefore, the issue usually isn’t how to work more; but, rather to do better, more effective work while limiting the intrusion on the other anchors.

We may use work as too big of a source of personal identity. The truth is that while we need work for economic reasons, most of us need work and the resulting economics more to define ourselves. We need to modify our thinking, through balance, to overall satisfaction and fulfillment.

Most of us spend 40 hours or more per week at our avocation. Moms spend much more! As a side note, watching moms integrate the various anchors in their lives can be very instructive. These 40 hours need to add to our total makeup as opposed to intruding as an obstacle to life.

Combining our professional life with service to others enhances this anchor and takes it to a higher level. Our Daggett Shuler team tries to make this part of our professional culture through our Safe Sober Prom Night Program.

Part of the challenge in balancing the work ethic is being able to align talents with the other anchors and your lifestyle. When these various aspects are aligned, then work can be most satisfying and fulfilling.

Professionally speaking,



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