Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 20, 2009

The Spiritual Anchor

The Spiritual Anchor

        The spiritual anchor has an enormous impact on getting balance in your life. To fully discuss the impact of spirituality as part of having a fulfilling and satisfying life could fill an entire book, or even a library.

The Spiritual Anchor

Most of the great philosophers through the ages have included spirituality as an essential component in their beliefs and writings. Dr. Joe Maroon in his book The Longevity Factor goes so far as to modify his four-square life to a triangle with spirituality in the center. This spiritual interconnection helps the other three anchors integrate more successfully.

Although I am confident in my Christian beliefs, and loyal to my denomination and Church, in discussing fulfillment and satisfaction, at least here on earth, the practice of which particular religion does not seem determinant. The common themes of most mainstream religions of worshiping a higher being and caring for and loving others provides the positive spiritual backdrop for integrating and balancing life.

Further, the spiritual anchor is not a conclusory result, but rather the process of searching can be productive as long as the search continues. Just like maintaining and continuing fitness is essential for a fitness lifestyle, the process of spirituality must continue, and is never a completed task.

Spirituality includes the need to belong, which helps enhance the social anchor which we will discuss later. A spiritual environment should provide an atmosphere of acceptance, approval, worthiness, and unconditional favor. We will see a continuing theme of integrating anchors. Previously, we discussed integrating the spiritual and the physical in Going to the Cathedral.

The spiritual anchor even proves positive mathematically! The average churchgoing person lives approximately one year, or 8,760 hours, longer than the average non-churchgoing person. So, even if you go to church for one hour a week for your entire life you still gain hours on Earth.

Practicing, exploring, and sharing the spiritual aspects of life help us integrate the other three anchors and are the first big step toward the balance that leads to a fulfilling and satisfying life.

The spiritual road continues,



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