Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 13, 2009

The Four Anchors

The Four Anchors

      We have previously discussed and made reference to “The Four Anchors.” I have long believed in and worked on my anchors. Only recently, with more reading and studying, have I learned that these anchors have more of a scientific, physiological, and psychological basis that I realized.

Cindy + 3 Kids = 4 Anchors!

This article will attempt to briefly follow up and further identify each of the anchors. My four anchors that we have frequently discussed on this site are 1)  family (also social), 2)  spiritual, 3)  physical and 4)  professional (also work). I have used these anchors as a foundation for direction, decision making, and lifestyle.

With the help of my friend, Dr. Joseph Maroon, in his book The Longevity Factor, which I referenced last week, I have been led to further readings and discussions regarding the four anchors. In Joe’s book he called the four anchors a four-square life. Other writers and researchers call it balance. Most all religions, and including Eastern philosophies, include these same concepts in describing a balanced life.

In the coming weeks we will focus on each of the four anchors, and then will work on balancing and integrating them into our lives. These four anchors become the ongoing foundation for everything we do and how we pursue life. We need to study and learn them in a way that they become part of everything we do.

The finding, reviewing, and pursuing life through the four anchors makes everything fit together better, and gives us much more meaning. Further, using the anchors as a template for goals and decision making makes life much easier. I look forward to learning and growing more as we discuss each of the anchors and how they fit into our lives.

Always pursuing the anchors,



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