Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 6, 2009



       How balanced are our lives? Balance is certainly an important ingredient of being a successful long-distance triathlete. Moreover, balance is a key to having a fulfilling life.

A ranch evening in Coeur d’Alene

It seems that since Ironman Coeur d’Alene a number of people have asked and talked to me about balance. I’m not sure if they think I have balance and want to learn more; or, think I don’t have balance and need a little instruction. Perhaps a little of both is accurate.

Let’s look at the concept of balance in reverse. Perhaps one of the foremost goals in life is fulfillment and satisfaction. Typically the goal of being happy usually does not work out on its own. However, if we are fulfilled and satisfied “happy”is the natural result of our choices in life.

It is interesting in watching people that society labels “successful” but who have uni-directional lives. Almost without fail, those with uni-directional lives have other issues and problems that are truly quite sad despite their tremendous talent.

Balance in life is one of the most critical elements in fulfillment and satisfaction. I have long been an advocate of “The Four Anchors,” but thought that was a bit of a personal concept. Recently, I read the book The Longevity Factor by Dr. Joseph Maroon. Joe is an Ironman triathlete and the team neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers. On Page 204 of Joe’s book he discusses the four-square life with balance as a guaranteed result. Here, Joe shows with peer-reviewed and recent objective evidence how balance physiologically, psychologically, and organically positively influences our brains.

Of course, I took great relief that there is now support for the “four anchors.” I jokingly contacted Joe to let him know that my “four anchors” pre-date his book! Seriously, Joe’s book is well written, packed with great lessons, and contains an abundant amount of research to help our lives.

Achieving balance is a continual process. The working toward balance can be a source of fulfillment and satisfaction within itself. However, balance doesn’t just happen – we need to step up and take positive-action steps to progress toward balance in our lives.

Progress toward balance is a choice. That choice leads to a fulfilling and satisfying life for us, our families, and those around us.

Always working toward balance,



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