Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 15, 2009



         How important are milestones to you? For most of us milestones for ourselves or others are markers that have significance for all of us. This year, it seems there have been a lot of milestones around us.

150th Triathlon

For our family, both my parents and my in-laws celebrate their 50th wedding anniversaries this year. Certainly those are impressive milestones which convey much more significance than just the number of years.

Last weekend I completed my 150th triathlon and later this week I will complete my 18th Ironman competition. Friends and family have attached more significance to these milestones than me, but perhaps there is some meaning there too.

Milestones that others achieve can often appear quite daunting. Yet, all milestones begin some time way back with baby steps. These steps get bigger and bigger as the accomplishments progress. How many baby steps does it take to reach a milestone? Although we never know that when we are taking the first steps that we might reach a milestone, looking back each step along the way was an essential one in reaching the accomplishment.

It is fun watching others reach significant milestones. It is interesting to me that those who seem to reach great milestones also tend to be those who continue to look forward. For those achievers, each milestone is a baby step toward the next. So, what is your next step, and when we look back how essential is it to an important achievement or milestone? All great milestones start with a beginning, must keep moving forward like stepping stones, and once achieved continue to progress and move forward.

Along the way, let’s remember to celebrate and enjoy important milestones for ourselves, our families, our communities, and others who our important to us.

Speaking of milestones, today is one of my very favorite days — it is my wife’s birthday! They are all milestones to me and a reminder that celebrating the milestones of those you love are the best milestones of all.

Moving toward the next milestone,


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