Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 11, 2009

Decisions And Choices

Decisions And Choices

       Do we consider the impact of our daily decisions and choices on our long-term success? Part of the goal of our Safe Sober Prom Night program is to encourage our young people to make positive decisions and choices in their daily lives.

Certainly a large part of the Safe Sober Prom Night program is to make students aware of the dangers of drugs and alcohol, particularly when driving or riding in a motor vehicle. However, the bigger, and many times more impactful, message is that our daily decisions and choices have an impact on our future successes in life.

As we visit high schools throughout the Triad we feel we are in position to have an effect in a positive way to make our community better. The founding principles of our program include encouraging an atmosphere of positive peer pressure and community involvement for a better future for all of us. When we visit the schools we see the students energized. We see them engaged. This positive peer pressure to make the right choices can be an enormous boost for their future successes.

Our students more than ever need and want leadership. They want direction. They want guidance. They want to be successful. They just don’t always know how to get there. Of course, endurance athletes know that you make progress one step at a time, keep moving forward, and be confident that you will get to the finish line.

An atmosphere of positive peer pressure helps us make wise choices. Ultimately, in life, success is a choice. Success is a conscious decision to make proper choices on an ongoing basis. Making the right decisions and choices doesn’t have to be hard. It does have to be done on a continual basis over an extended period of time in order to reach long-term success in any endeavor, or in life itself.

We know that if we hang around winners in life we end up becoming winners. When we hang around losers we end up becoming losers. Accordingly, we have to consciously lead, guide, direct, and decide to be winners. Then, we have to make decisions and choices that support that result.

The fun thing about being with students is that once the positive momentum gets going it is contagious and spreads from student to student. It’s fun seeing their excitement. We are proud of our students and their efforts in looking for ways they can succeed in a positive fashion.

Likewise, for all of us success in life is about making ongoing positive decisions and choices. These choices add up one by one to produce winning character and commitment. This success is both individually, and for our communities.

Our  Team is committed for the long term. We have a passion for the students. We have a passion for the success of our community, and working together our communities are going to be better places.

Please join us in helping to encourage and support our students. They are our future and we need to lead them toward success.

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