Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 4, 2009



      What in your life gives you inspiration? By definition, inspiration is having an urge or a feeling created in us. Typically, we think of positive inspiration that makes us better and makes our lives more full. But, do we take advantage or appreciate the different forms of inspiration that surround us in our daily lives?

       Endearing activities and events with children can give us inspiration. Last Friday our second grade daughter had Native American Day. The youngsters had been preparing for a long time learning and participating in activities to prepare for the big day. Little Emmaline could hardly sleep all last week she was so excited. When the big day came, the children performed, learned, and experienced activities that were inspiring. Of course, the parent volunteers, the hard work of the teachers, and all those who made the event happen were inspirational as well.

Special stories of amazing people inspire us. Of course there are many, many stories of amazing people. This past weekend we crossed paths with longtime triathlete Richard Kelley. Last year, Dick did the race that I attended. This year, he is in a wheelchair unable to move due to the disease ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. However, the lack of physical ability couldn’t dampen Dick’s infectious smile! Wow, what an inspiration!

Of course, my lovely bride provides us with everyday inspiration. She is a font of inspiration in her daily activities. Her smile and positive attitude keeps us all positive. She gives us moral and spiritual leadership by example. She unselfishly takes care of me and the three children while sacrificing her own pursuits and desires.

I am certainly fortunate to have sources of inspiration with my family, at work, in community activities, at church, and out in nature during physical activity. Working with students is inspiring. Everywhere we look there are sources of inspiration.

Inspiration is all around us. We all need the encouragement and the support inspiration can provide, we just need to recognize and appreciate it. Along the way, it will make us better people and our lives more full.




  1. Thanks for posting, Really enjoyed this.

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