Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 20, 2009

The Home Team

The Home Team

      What team are we on? Do others know we pull for? This past weekend the ACC cycling championships were in town. My 5-year-old son, Riley, and I spent Saturday afternoon watching the action.

Cindy teaching Sunday School

There was no doubt who Riley was pulling for! Every time N.C. State (mom’s school) and Wake Forest (dad’s school) came by Riley jumped up and down and led the cheers. Clearly Riley cheered for the home team. When we are sports fans, it is usually quite obvious who we pull for. Although pulling for our favorite team or athlete is fun, in reality it is rather superficial and not all that important.

In the really important aspects of our life is our home team obvious? Here, we can look back to our anchors to see who and what we should be pulling for – what are “home teams” are.

We have previously discussed having anchors in life. My anchors include professional, family, physical, and spiritual aspects of my life. I have suggested and continue to believe that these same anchors apply for most people. Recently I have been reading emerging literature that supports these four anchors psychologically, physiologically, medically, and spiritually. I look forward to further discussing and exploring these aspects in the coming weeks.

The four anchors can and should be our clear home team. People should immediately know who and what we pull for. We should loudly cheer for what is truly important, making our lives richer and fuller.

Importantly for adults, as shown in the photo above of Cindy teaching Sunday school, is we need to help our young people define and support their “home teams.” If we show them the same sort of support for these aspects of their lives that we show to our favorite basketball and football teams, they will no doubt have a greater chance for victory.

Always pull for the home team – win or lose, good years and bad – always let them know which side you’re on and pull hard! Just make sure that your “home team” is what is important to making life fuller and more satisfying.

Always on the home team,


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