Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 13, 2009

Time To Get Serious

Time To Get Serious

      Are you ready? For triathletes the competitive season is coming soon. So, what do we do to get ready, both competitively and for the various aspects of our lives?

I like to send myself a psychological and physical message to up the intensity. What better way than to visit my in-laws 118.8 miles away up and over the mountains, with plenty of undulations along the way.

Of course, when you can “get serious” with a friend and colleague it is even better. Doug Nauman is one of the finest young (he is younger than me!) lawyers I know. He joined me at mile 80 and then escorted me to my in-laws, continuing on another ten miles or so to his parents’ house.

Doug and I unexpectedly set off on a ride of epic proportions. Toward the base of the six-mile or so climb up the final mountain it started to rain. By the time we reached the top the rain was driving, the wind was blowing, and the temperature had dropped. The final long downhill was rather unnerving dealing with the crosswinds, driving rain, and areas of new pavement in progress.

Ride Elevation Profile

Ride Elevation Profile

During some of the less frantic portions of the ride, Doug and I took the opportunity to “get serious” about a couple of cases we are working on. We formulated game plans, discussed implementation, and are ready to elevate our efforts to enhance our performance on behalf of our clients. We were able to identify areas professionally where we can be better.

So, are you ready? If not, is it time to “get serious?” Look for opportunities to elevate your efforts in order to enhance your performance athletically, professionally, spiritually, and with your family.

Getting serious,



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