Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 6, 2009

The Wind At Your Back

The Wind At Your Back

        Doesn’t it feel good to have the wind at your back? Certainly when bicycling, and in life, the wind at your back helps you along the way.

      Last Friday, I planned to bike home from a Safe Sober Prom Night event several counties away. It was an extremely windy day for this one-way 70-mile ride. Pleasantly, I was treated to a tailwind the whole way. Once I got out of the foothills and onto the flats, there were areas where I could cruise at 30 mph. The tailwind was a treat, and helped me along the way.

The wind at your back can also help us in life. In life, unlike bicycling, we have the opportunity to create our own winds. These winds can be either positive or negative. Creating positive winds in our lives is sure to help us in all important aspects including family, faith, physical, and professional.

Creating our own positive momentum in life puts the wind at our backs and helps us to be better in all our important pursuits. Positive momentum also makes us more fun to be around and make the best of all situations.

We create positive momentum by our choices, by our attitudes, and by those we choose to surround us. Positive beliefs and expectations fuel the winds of momentum. What we expect with confidence becomes self-fulfilling prophecy. So we need to train ourselves to develop positive habit patterns with our expectations to maximize the momentum. When we choose wisely life is full and the winds will be at our backs.

So, please join me and let’s set sail with the winds at our backs. Just like in bicycling, the wind at your back makes the journey more fun and fulfilling. We become more fun to be around, are able to inspire others, and accomplish higher and greater goals.

Riding with the Wind,



  1. Love this… thank you!

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