Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 30, 2009

Enjoy The Moment

Enjoy The Moment

     Does the pace of life sometimes turn into a blur for you? The past several weeks have been extremely busy for me. When there are so many things to do and the pace is fast, time seems to fly by.

Enjoying a “moment” with my bride!

      Although busy times and a fast pace can be stressful and sometimes frustrating, when we look back there were also a lot of shining moments. One of the things we can do is train ourselves, regardless of the pace, to make sure we enjoy special moments.

As endurance athletes we train ourselves for the long distance. Endurance athletes are masters at looking forward toward the future, establishing long-term goals, and establishing a plan to get to those goals. At the same time, however, there are always incremental successes along the way that can keep us motivated and moving forward.

Likewise, life is a long distance event and we need to train ourselves to seize the special moments along the way. So, like an athlete with long term goals we need to enjoy the incremental moments along the way.

This past weekend when I was out for my long bike ride I reflected on these past couple of busy weeks. In doing so, I smiled at all of the little, bright moments and the people that make life so enjoyable. Things like the co-worker who helped me, the client who thanked us, and the friend who asked for training advice.

Keeping an eye on the horizon while effectively obtaining progressive achievements along the way is a path toward long-term and future successes while at the same time appreciating the here and now. One of the strategies we implement in business is to have a longer term, five years or so, strategic plan which is our view at and over the horizon. At the same time, in order to be effective in our daily activities we need to concentrate and focus on digestible and comprehendible activities and results.

So, while we are busy in our daily lives, with our long-term goals and pursuits, take a deep breath or a step back to “enjoy the moment.”

Enjoying the moment,



  1. I also find that my runs and bike rides are a great time to reflect. Often when I am on a distance run, I kind of trance-out and go into a state of deep concentration. This is the first time I have seen your blog but I will be back.

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