Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 8, 2009



      How do you make your choices? It seems we have more and more choices in daily living that effect our path in life. The choices we make determine the results we obtain. Those results happen by choice, not by chance.

      Each of us has great power to direct and shape our lives. The secret is outlining and establishing a few main goals, and then making choices that support those goals. Clarifying our goals is an ongoing process that requires constant reflection, monitoring, and adjustment.

The number of choices with which we are confronted requires us to have a structure for decision making. Choices and decision making come at us very quickly and at varying degrees of pressure. Having structures in place to naturally guide our decision making helps ensure consistency toward our goals.

Simply the process of making choices can be paralyzing. Getting in a habit of filtering choices through the anchors in our lives can make the process simpler and many times directs those choices as a natural process.

The choices we make reveal and test our discipline. The choices we know are right are not always easy. We are all presented with conflicting choices. Continuing to make choices that support our goals takes great discipline. Discipline becomes easier with practice and as we weave ongoing choices into our lifestyle.

Along with that structure we need accountability. In many ways we can be accountable to ourselves. We all have areas of weakness, and in these areas we need the help of a support structure. Friends, family, colleagues, and organizations can all be used as structures to support and keep us accountable for the various categories of choices we make in life.

Choices are not always easy. However, simplifying the choices, having a structure, and creating accountability for ourselves will direct us toward our goals.

Choose wisely,



  1. Just found your post. I like what you say about choices. To me it is a fascinating topic and one that I am exploring as well. It may not be only simplifying the choices; it is definitely having the structure or approach to always improve yourself and know the type of person you want to be. Thanks.

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