Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 2, 2009

Game of Life

Game of Life

      This past week we went to a Wake Forest football dinner. There was a special surprise with two former players who are now in the NFL. Chris Barclay of the Atlanta Falcons and Eric King of the Tennessee Titans were fun to meet. They were asked to speak impromptu and did a very nice job.

Chris Barclay                                                          Eric King

      First, as a Wake Forest grad it was impressive to see bright, articulate pro players who were willing to share their hearts, and evening with our small group. They were very impressive and made us all proud. In their short speeches they shared common themes on how their college careers prepared them for the game of life. They are great examples of student athletes.

       Family structure was the first lesson they shared. They talked about how the football family at Wake Forest made them feel like family. This is a connection they obviously cherished and continue to value – that’s why they came back for the dinner.

A corollary to the family structure is the support system they said they experience while in school. They discussed how the support system allowed them to get a good education at an academically very tough school while being able to play football at a high level. The support system allowed them to succeed at both.

Then, the combination of the family structure and support system combined to make each of them a better person. The football team is a tough and demanding program. They were pushed and allowed to make mistakes, but encouraged to always learn and grow.

Lastly, they were complimentary of a program that developed and put a priority on character. The character development was, they believe, what launched them to be winners in the Game of Life.

We are proud of these two fine examples of Wake Forest student athletes, what they stand for, and how they are a positive influence for others.

Live the Game,


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