Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 16, 2009

Iron Valentine

Iron Valentine

       How was your Valentine’s Day? Ours is always very special – it’s also our wedding anniversary! Fortunately, our kids’ school is also off for a long Presidents’ Day weekend. So, we combine anchors and head to the mountains for a romantic weekend for five!

        My bachelor party was a bike ride up into the mountains. So, to relive the memories, I biked the 80-mile one way route to same cabin we have rented the last several years. This year the ride was a bit tougher than usual with a rather ferocious headwind the whole way. The final five mile climb is both the test and the reward.

Soon after my arrival, two of the kids wanted to go hiking to find the perfect trail for the family hike the next morning. They decided on the curvy trail that went up to a great overlook. We have hiked with the kids since they were all infants. They are great hikers and we enjoy the family time together.

We never miss church and always seek out a place to visit when traveling. Returning to the same small church we have visited the last couple of years is almost like a homecoming. The local folks are so nice, and always look forward to seeing how much the kids have grown over the last years. They feed us well too!

Of course, the highlight for me is getting to spend more time relaxed with my “Iron Valentine.” We counted last night that nine of my 17 Ironman competitions have been in the last 11 years that we have been married. That is only possible because of Cindy and her efforts to weave training and competition into the family in such a positive fashion for all.

My number one secret to triathlon success is having an “Iron Valentine” to help guide, inspire, support and love me along the way. Of course it is also my privilege to reciprocate when and where, and the best, I can.

With my Iron Valentine,



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  2. David, just recalling the great talk to the Burlington Rotary Club in 04. Can’t believe you can do all this. Problem: you leave the rest of us too far behind that we say “there’s no way for me” ‘course, we don’t have to be as great as you! Keep it up.

    Dave t.

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