Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 19, 2009

Are We Prepared?

Are We Prepared?

     How well do we prepare? As athletes we train, but do we really prepare? Preparation is a key to long term as well as situational success. This past week we all got a good lesson on the value of preparation in seeing the news of the US Airways plane crash in New York.

       Pre-Ironman Equipment Check

      The crash certainly could have had tragic results. It seems the pilot, Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, had been preparing his whole life just in case this one moment happened. He is a former military fighter pilot, is a licensed glider pilot, consults in safety reliability, and has been a USAir pilot for 29 years. Sully landed the plane on the Hudson river so smoothly that no one was seriously injured.

       The rescue boats and crew were well prepared, too. Apparently the commuter ferry boats practice and review water rescue every few weeks, even though they hope to never need it. On this day they were on the scene in just a few minutes. They were well prepared to rescue the passengers, some of whom didn’t even get their feet wet.

Clearly, preparation was key to this amazing result. It reminded me of a quote from way back in my wrestling days: Luck occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Good results don’t just happen – they take lots of careful preparation.

Ironman athletes know that preparation is key. Consistent, diligent preparation over an extended period of time always produces results. In life this applies personally, professionally, athletically, and spiritually. It applies to basketball teams too as we see in our now #1 ranked Demon Deacons. Recall our previous discussion of Coach Battle and his Three Questions.

There is no substitute for preparation. Remember Captain Sullenberger and the rescuers and how their preparation paid off. As an end note, it is interesting that committed passion is a motivator for preparation. Sully further demonstrated his passion by walking the aisles twice to make sure everyone was out, and he was personally the last one off the plane.

Do you have committed passion? If so, it will surely motivate you to be fully prepared.

Ever preparing,



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