Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 12, 2009

Our Future

Our Future

     There is a lot of negative news floating around to start 2009. The economy is a major concern. There are wars in several places around the world, with threats of more. Although there is some positive political energy, there is also a lot of partisan tension as well as some infighting. And, a governor is being impeached. So, what is our future?

      One place to always look when considering the future is to look to the younger generations. We are all looking for encouragement, support, direction, leadership, and love. As athletes, as leaders, as business people, as church leaders, and as spouses and parents we have an inherent obligation to each do our small part to help ensure our future.

There is one sure way to ensure the future of all the things that are important and valuable to us. Love other children as much as  we love our own. This is easy to say but certainly not always easy to do. When done, however, it is as moving of an experience as a human can experience.

A common denominator of all successful people is that they have had at least one other person outside their own family take a special interest in them. Just one person who connects with them, cares about them, follows them, encourages and supports them. Sort of like good old fashioned mentoring. If we each have our personal mentor and our personal mentee, how can we help but succeed individually and collectively.

This one-by-one relationship based success formula isn’t political, sectarian, agended, or divisive. It is simply being there to support, encourage and love. Anyone can do it, and everyone will receive it. Together we all can, and must, ensure our bright future.

Tomorrow looks bright,


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