Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 22, 2008

Everyone Smiled

Everyone Smiled

     Yesterday was the first day in quite a while that the sun poked out. It seems that we have had a lot of rain the last few weeks. When it rains, I generally ride my mountain bike and just get wet and muddy. However, with this seemingly rare dose of sunshine I decided to ride the road bike even though it was cold and blustery.

     The route I chose was approximately 50 miles that went through town and then out into the foothills. The wind was blowing like the Queen K but cold, and the gusts between mountains felt like the gusts between the cut outs heading back from the Ironman bike turn-a-round at Hawi. It was a great ride!

Heading out through town were people of all races and religions – they smiled and waved. Out in the country there were folks working in their yards and on their houses – they smiled and waved. Riding down the road the cars passing by were polite. Many appeared to be going to or from shopping, or church – they smiled and waved. Kids in the back seats always like old guys on cool bikes – they, too, smiled and waved!

Was it the sunshine or the holiday season that brought out all of these smiles? Or, was it a reflection of me on that ride? Whatever the reason or cause, it was certainly a reminder of the importance of smiles. We previously discussed smiles here.

So, how is your smile? During this holiday season it is a good time to get in some smile exercise. It is easy to do, doesn’t cost anything, and spreads to others. You don’t need a 50 mile bike ride to discover smiles in others around you, although sometimes it seems to help! Happy Holidays!

Keep smiling,



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