Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 15, 2008

Three Questions

Three Questions

        This past Saturday morning our Lewis and Daggett team participated in the kickoff brunch for the 34th Annual Frank Spencer Holiday Basketball Tournament featuring 12 local high school teams. Present were approximately 200 high school players, coaches, principals, administrators, and senior school system officials.

     I presented a talk with visual accents to encourage, challenge, and support the student athletes. Jeff Battle, Associate Head Basketball Coach of the 11th Ranked Wake Forest Demon Deacon Basketball Team, gave a motivational talk. Coach Battle is a kind, passionate, and intense man with a likeable demeanor.

Coach Battle presented three questions which when put together add up to “Do I want to play with this guy.” Those three questions seem appropriate for families, organizations, and even businesses, as well as basketball players and teams. Accordingly, let’s briefly review Coach Battle’s three questions.

Question No. 1: “Do you play hard?” Coach Battle stressed that there is no substitute for playing hard. He noted that we presently live in a “cool society” where it seems everyone wants to be “cool” and “chill.” Coach Battle stressed that great performers check their coolness at the door and just play hard.

Question No. 2: “Do you have a good attitude?” He emphasized that everyone has a good attitude when things are going well, but how do you react when things don’t go so good? What you do and how you respond is reflected in everything you do. He particularly emphasized body language and how that body language can have either a positive or negative effect on those around you. He emphasized the importance of only worrying about being good. Don’t worry about things that can’t make you better.

Question No. 3: “Are you unselfish?” Coach Battle stressed that unselfish players make the team better, as well making the individual better at the same time. His words reminded me of a quote from the famous and successful longtime UCLA Coach John Wooden, “When you score, give the other guy credit.”

Play hard, have a good attitude and be unselfish. Coach Battle’s words were simple, memorable, and can help us all improve personally and collectively.

Play hard,



  1. […]        Ironman athletes know that preparation is key. Consistent, diligent preparation over an extended period of time always produces results. In life this applies personally, professionally, athletically, and spiritually. It applies to basketball teams too as we see in our now #1 ranked Deamon Deacons. Recall our previous discussion of Coach Battle and his Three Questions. […]

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