Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 8, 2008

Leave A Memory

Leave A Memory

     What sort of memory do we leave behind after an event? We often talk about the memories we take with us, but, perhaps, memories that we leave behind may be more important. Long after the race results are posted (and forgotten), and the awards get dusty, what mark do we leave for others?


     For an individual, group, organization, or business, the memories we leave are an important part of our purpose. We need to consciously leave positive and favorable memories which in turn makes the lives and successes of others better.

New friends are certainly part of the memories we leave. We have an opportunity due to our successes and our leadership to leave them with encouragement and a bright outlook for the future, including our next meeting. This will multiply to many individuals over time.

In most places we go and most things we do there is an opportunity to interact with a child. Children need our help and our guidance. I recently heard in a speech that one of the best ways to leave your mark on a society is to simply love another child as much as you would love your own. In this day and time with all the difficulties children face, including single parent and no parent households, it is incumbent on all of us to leave a positive memory with the children we meet.

We certainly have the opportunity to leave memories of our work ethic. Moreover, when we combine that work ethic with goodness we have the opportunity to leave a lasting memory that makes that work ethic more positive and aspirational for others. It doesn’t take much time – just a little recognition and effort.

An important memory to leave for others is the memory of hope. Again, in our positions of physical fitness, stature, success, and positive appearance we have unique abilities to leave hope in the hearts and minds of others. Simply, affirmatively, and deliberately greeting others with our positive attitudes, our forward-looking aspirations, and concern for others helps spread hope that is a lasting impression and memory for others.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, let’s work to leave a positive impression and memories for and on others. Ultimately, these memories always come back to us and are perhaps our finest reward long after the race is over.

Here’s to our future memories,


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