Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 1, 2008

Family Rituals

Family Rituals

     What family rituals do you and your family have? How do you incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle? We love the holidays in our household, and love to share them with family and friends.

     We had a great Thanksgiving with a full house. We had family, friends and neighbors over for the day. The kids wrote and staged a play that was fantastic. After the kids were in bed and everyone was gone, Cindy and I just smiled reflecting on the memories of the day.

Holidays also give us an extra day for family activity. One of the most fun activities for our family is to go on an outdoor adventure. This has become a ritual for us that combines family, fitness, and fun.

For the last few years we have made Thanksgiving Friday our family day for a hike and mountain top lunch at Hanging Rock State Park, the site of our engagement eleven years ago. Of course, I bike from home to the top where we meet at the parking area near the trail head. The two-hour ride is the perfect warm-up for the two-hour hike, and the right prescription after the previous day’s feast.

The ritual becomes both an expectation and a way of life for the kids. It is certainly more healthy than shopping or watching TV. Further, the kids now have a greater appreciation for nature and our environment.

For holidays we intentionally combine our spiritual, physical, and family anchors. We have a great time and enjoy each other. Each holiday seems to pass too quickly, but they always leave us looking forward to the next one and continuing our family rituals.

Giving thanks,


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