Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 22, 2008

A Spark of Motivation

A Spark of Motivation

     What sorts of things in life give us motivation? It seems everyone desires to improve, get better, and make their lives better. But, what are they willing to do to actually make that positive change? How do we tap that motivation in our lives?

      There is a statistic that ninety percent of all who pay for a self help courses or seminars do not do even one thing learned in the seminar to act on improving. We all want to improve, we just don’t want to do the work to improve. So, what motivates us?

We got a little lesson on motivation a couple of weeks ago at a church family day. Our five and seven year olds had been a bit reluctant to take the training wheels off their bikes. We knew they could probably do it, but they just didn’t want to – yet. Then, one of their friends, a four and half year old, shows up with her bike to show us how she could ride without training wheels. Our kids decided on the way home that they wanted their’s off as soon as we got home. They were off and riding immediately, no problem. It just took a little motivation.

Motivation in others is interesting to observe. Certainly it seems that some motivation is better than no motivation. Motivation can be internal, external, or a combination. The kids riding two wheelers seems to be a combination.

Much of success is based on motivation, and yet individuals seem to have unique reasons for success. The studies give many, yet many times contradictory, reasons for motivation and success. Whether internal or external, it appears the spark has to come from within ourselves. So, if we nurture the spark we may be able to perpetuate our ongoing motivation.

Perhaps we have raised more questions than answers. Life sort of seems to be that way. If we continue to find ways to maintain our spark, then we can continue to be motivated to new, challenging, and rewarding goals.

Keeping the spark,


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