Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 15, 2008

Tarmac Skid Notes

Tarmac Skid Notes

       Have you hit the tarmac lately? We all know that sooner or later, or every now and then, if you cycle you go down. Yesterday I took a bit of a spill, and have plenty of road rash to show for it! These incidents always cause me to reflect, and not only about cycling.

       What happens when we “go down” in life? We all go down at times. Just like in cycling we know that sooner or later, and every now and then, we go down. So if we know it is going to happen how do we prepare for and respond to it?

First, in cycling and in life, keep an eye on the road in front of you.  See what you ought to see and be prepared.  Hold on to the handle bars and go in a straight line.  Be prepared to swerve, stop quickly, and avoid obstacles.    Be courteous to others around you and your trip will be more enjoyable.

When a cyclist goes down, what always seems to be the first question? “How’s my bike,” of course. So too when we stumble in life we need to remember the other things that are important and make sure they are taken care of, like our families.

In cycling we wear a helmet for protection. In life, what is our helmet? Perhaps our anchors are our protection. Our anchors are the framework for our lives. If our anchors are in place, we always have them for protection and security when we stumble.

When we fall, we all know we need to get back up. Perseverance and resiliency are two of the most important traits for success in life. When we stumble and get back up, we are better prepared for our future successes.

Stay off the tarmac,



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