Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 8, 2008

Mountain Top Anchor

Mountain Top Anchor

      We had a great experience on Sunday. Our church, New Philadelphia Moravian, had our annual Family Day service up at Laurel Ridge Camp. It is always a special service and a fun day. It is also an opportunity for me to combine some of my personal anchors.

     The service is held up on a little clearing on the eastern overlook. The service included music, scripture, a brief sermon, and communion. It is not hard to have a spiritual connection in such an incredible location. There were lots of little kids, and a strong group of elderly up to age 94!

Combining anchors is something that helps me cover my different avenues in life. Combining anchors is a trick that helps keep it all together in a busy life style. This day included the family, spiritual, and physical anchors. How could I resist the bike ride home from the mountains?!

The day included a mountain top potluck lunch. Folks really did a good job bringing some of their home cooked specialties to share. I couldn’t resist, which made an interesting first couple of hours of the ride home on such a full stomach! By the third hour I was feeling good, and was flying by the fourth, and last, hour as I closed in on home.

Recognizing the opportunities, and combining anchors the best way I know to stay in touch with the various aspects of life that make us, us. Typically I try to combine two anchors whenever possible. Opportunities to combine three anchors are special to me. The service at the mountain top makes it even more so.

Focus on those anchors,


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