Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 25, 2008

Character Must Exceed Success

Character Must Exceed Success

      How do you define “character?” For many, participation in athletics is a way to develop character. Much of Ironman is built on character. Some recent news and events has given us an opportunity to reflect on character issues.

Look in the Mirror

        Over the past year, many of our articles have explored and discussed elements of character. We have also discussed many topics involving success. Please keep in mind that in life character always trumps success. Unless our character develops at least as much as any defined measure of success, we will never succeed.

      Lack of humility is an area that can interfere with character. Don’t think too highly of yourself. Remember that quiet confidence is very powerful. Power too can interfere with character. People want to possess power, but when power possesses us we then see lapses in character.

People of character help others. This is not just giving money or verbalizing support, rather this is really (you, yourself) helping others. They don’t do it for reward, and many times we don’t even know who they are. They do it because it is simply part of they are. They have a Happy Heart. That is character.

As we progress, as we succeed, and as we are acknowledged, we need to continue to develop and keep our eye on character. My wresting coach, Ed LeBeau at Concordia Lutheran High School, taught me about the person in the mirror. To this day, when I brush my teeth before bed I look at the person in the mirror to review my character.

Many thanks to coach Lebeau for this invaluable lesson. I hope I get to see you in a few weeks at our 30th (yikes!) reunion.

The character continues,



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