Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 11, 2008

Always Finish!

Always Finish!

     The Olympics are here and have started. We always enjoy watching the Olympics. As athletes, we relate, we connect, and we learn. Moreover, there are always lessons that we take away that we might not understand any other way.

     With the games starting this past weekend I was reminded of an incredible story of “Finishing.” Derek Redmond injured his hamstring during a heat for the 400-meter race in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. His father helped him from the ground then went on to help his son finish the race. He came in dead last, but he showed to all of us that finishing is important.

When Derek’s father reached his side, he said “I’m here, son, we’ll finish together.” In an interview after the race, Derek said “I wasn’t doing it for the crowd, I was doing it for me. I’m the one who has to live with it. Whether people thought I was an idiot or a hero, I wanted to finish the race.”

Finishing is important, and sometimes we all need a little help. More importantly, we are so proud of everyone who “Finishes.” We discussed Amazing People earlier this year. Amazing people finish, even if they have to come back to do it. They certainly know how to “finish,” and it is part of them

I have previously written onAlways Finish in a different context. It is also permanently part of the upper right corner of this blog home page. Iron people finish. We have to. For, if we don’t finish then we never know when we might quit. But, we don’t know because we don’t, and won’t, quit. We, like Derek Redmond know that finishing is important, and have personal honor in knowing that we keep going.

The Olympics are sure to be inspirational and exciting. We can’t wait to see the important lessons yet to be learned from this year’s Olympic games.

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