Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 14, 2008

Quality Counts

Quality Counts

     We all know that quality counts in our training. We are always trying to maintain the proper balance between quantity and quality. We won’t settle that debate here, but we can consider the quality we weave into our daily activities.

     In The Magic we discussed our trip to Germany. Part of that trip included several nights last week in a small guest house in the town of Pflach in the Austrian Alps. The innkeeper was third generation there, at least. With only about ten guest rooms, there were folks from Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Russia, and Germany. It was a great experience.

Part of what was so interesting about the experience was how simple yet satisfying life seemed in this small village. Everything was neat, clean, well cared-for, and reflected quality. To the people there quality of things, and life, certainly seemed to take priority over quantity.

At dinner our first evening, we asked our waiter, who was also the cook and inn owner, about the cows we saw on the main road a while earlier. He then proudly told us that the milk the kids were drinking came from 200 meters down the road. When we jokingly asked if he grew the lettuce and tomatoes that were in our salad, he of course affirmed.

Then came the trout, which he was ashamed to say was not local – it was caught by an acquaintance two kilometers away. Needles to say, the dinner was great, largely due to the quality and care for the ingredients. Of course, he provided us with plenty of quantity too.

Our experience was a good reminder of the value of quality. It was good for us to see and live with folks who weave quality into all aspects of their lives, and share it with others. Of course, examples of this are around us every day. Maybe it took not understanding the languages to really notice.

Show your quality,


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