Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 26, 2008

Spiritual Interconnection

Spiritual Interconnection

     The Ironman Blueprint was intended to be this week’s article, but we had an amazing weekend of spiritual experiences that seemed to leap onto the page. We’ll get back to training articles next week. For now, let me share a couple of special experiences from this past weekend.

     Recall that I believe that the spiritual part of life is an anchor that is fully integrated the physical, including competitive, aspect. Tying them together, I believe, makes both more successful and satisfying.

Friday night Cindy and I attended a praise service at Freedom Baptist Church presented by Chuck Lewis. Chuck is my little brother from Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Our relationship goes back to 1983! This little Church was rocking, and the spiritual passion was very moving. Message themes included “The Dream Maker and the Dreamer,” “When the devil is dogging your trail, keep on going,” and “Noone can whoop the Word!” Chuck’s music was fantastic! He may be having a transcending impact.

Saturday morning we went to a Bar Mitzvah for a son of very close friends. This was a very impressive and moving ceremony. The Bar Mitzvah certainly sent this young man on the path to success. The were many good lessons including how the gift of friendship can share the spark of Divinity in each of us; the choice of a life of blessing or a life of curse is in our hands; and, the promise of faith is that the “ifs” in life are part of human free will – if we first do our part, then it will happen. The Rabbi was very impressive and very welcoming to us.

Yesterday morning we presented the Children’s Sermon at our Church. We wove the story of the transformation of Saul to Paul into a Memorial Day message. It was a tough task, but we did get our message across.

Then, last evening I emceed our Memorial Day event at Church, including doing the dramatic reading during a flag folding ceremony. Honoring our veterans at this event is also very moving for me. We still have a number of World War II veterans at our Church for whom we all have the highest respect.

We certainly had a full dose of Church services this weekend. There is a thread of spiritual interconnection that is quite inspiring. Further, all of the lessons also apply to physical athletics performance.

Thank you for allowing me to share this special weekend. Next we we’ll be back to our series on training.

Keep on going,



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