Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 28, 2008

Half Way

Half Way 

     Doesn’t it always seem to feel really good to be half way done? In racing, don’t we just measure efforts each step of they, and doesn’t feel good to know we are over half way? Well, this past week at Daggett Shuler we passed the half way mark with our 2008 Safe Sober Prom Night program.

     So far, so good. We have had no reports of prom night car accidents of other tragedies.

     Part of the fun of SSPN is our interaction with the students. So far this year we have reached approximately 10,128 juniors and seniors in the triad area, an increase over past years. All these students have had the opportunity to sign the Safe Sober Prom Night “do it right!” pledge and to receive a free t-shirt. Some of the students have mentioned that they have been waiting since they were freshmen and sophomores and are excited that “now it’s my turn!” These students inspire us.

     Although it has been fun to pass the half way point in the Safe Sober program, it is interesting that in life we never really know where half way is. We always need to be looking up and forward, trying to improve and do better, not just coasting. In fact, this is a lesson that students teach us at every school we visit.

     A hallmark of the SSPN program is positive peer pressure. Positive friendships and activities with peers help us establish values, and then these influences are a rock of stability as we continue through life.

     Peers also push us and help us to be better. Students do this in a very positive forward looking fashion. They help to lift each other’s spirits and keep each other accountable. Peers provide a core group of support. Selecting and encouraging positive peers and providing them support, too, actually goes a long way toward building our own successes.

     Half way is certainly exciting! However, half way also means that we need to keep looking forward, improving, and doing better. As life progresses and we all look back at our successes, we will see a long list of positive peers that have helped to make us better and have made us what we are.

     Personally, I am not sure if I have made it “half way” yet, but I know there are many peers that have helped me every step of the way. Thank you to all who’ve helped us get to the half way point, and thank you for the army of peers and peer groups out there that encourage all of us, and particularly our students, in a positive fashion.

Looking for a great second half,



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