Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 21, 2008

Success and The 25% Club

Success and The 25% Club    

     Do you know someone who is successful? We sure do! At Lewis & Daggett we were lucky to have Coach Bob Anastas in town this past week as part of our Safe Sober Prom Night program. His tips are probably applicable to all of us, including triathletes!

     Coach Anastas is the national founder of Students Against Drunk Driving, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. He was an All-American in both hockey and football, and was drafted as a quarterback and punter by the Patriots. He has taught high school and college, and has coached hockey and football. Bob has written three books on student-parent communication, and has had a made-for-TV movie made about his life and his work with students. Bob is certainly one of our hereos.

     In speaking to students, Coach Anastas explains how only approximately 25% of all people use their God-given talents, their minds and their bodies, to be successful in life. These 25% are successful academically, athletically, professionally, and personally. Bob passionately explains how students have to be part of the 25% club to be successful in life, and then describes the steps to get there. 

     Bob’s four keys to success are:

     1. Run when others walk. This means that you need to keep your body in tip-top shape. Look and present yourself well. These simple things elevate you above the pack. Your first impression is the most important impression you make.

    2. Sleep when others party. You’ll be a success because you’re going to wake up in the morning well rested and ready to go. You need to give yourself the best chance possible to develop the gifts God gave you.

     3. Take your weakness and make it your strength. You need to make yourself better and always look to improve. Practice when others rest. That’s how you improve and become the best you can be. 75% of all people are complacent. They won’t do the extra work needed to move into the 25% Club. So, this means work ethic, practice, diligence, and perseverance.

     4. Keep your body under control at all times. Bob particularly emphasizes not to abuse your body with drugs and alcohol. You want to present yourself as a “clean package” and a good person.

     Bob emphasizes that doing these things is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Choose to be in the 25% club and life will be very good to you. However, if you don’t make this choice you may never be what you could have been. Period.

     “If we dream it, it can be done.” – Bob Anastas

Choose success,



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