Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 7, 2008

Transforming Impact

Transforming Impact

     Have you considered whether you ever have a transforming impact on others? Perhaps one of the highest callings we can have is to have a transforming impact on another. Iron people certainly have the ability, and obligation, to do so.

The New “Duane D. Daggett Classroom”

     Let me tell you about a different type of Ironman. My Dad is now retired from business and teaching. This past week he was honored by having a classroom and professorship named (and funded) in his honor. It is my understanding that this is the first ever such happening based upon request and funding by a former student at Appalachian State University (the school that beat Michigan!).

In the presentations the Chancellor used the term “transforming impact” – Wow! This is a powerful concept to consider. Certainly many thanks are owed to Christy and Lee Barnes for having a transforming impact on the old guy with this funding. It was very emotionally moving, and a lifetime achievement award sort of event.

Having a heart for others seems to be a prerequisite to having a transforming impact. This applies to any one who is able to step out of their daily jobs in order to make a difference. Clearly, Dad has a heart for students – I’ve seen it!

In Dad’s remarks at the presentation he mentioned that it is a funny thing – when you give to others it comes back to you bigger. He specifically mentioned here that he was not talking about money . . . he was talking about giving of yourself. Keeping in mind that he was a management professor, he suggested that to be a leader you had to be a giver.

Of course, at  Daggett Shuler our Safe Sober Prom Night campaign comes to mind. This isn’t just a program against drugs and alcohol, but also an avenue to let us have a positive and influencing impact on teens in our community. Every now and then we see clear evidence that our team has influenced positive change in students.

Interestingly, you just never know when you might be having a transforming impact on someone else. This can take many forms – a single act of kindness, continuous mentoring, or a special gift or calling. We may not ever even know the impact we have had – that’s one reason why we have to just keep on doing it!

When you transform a life you know you have made a lasting difference – it can’t get any better than that!

Transforming where I can,



  1. […]      Friday night Cindy and I attended a praise service at Freedom Baptist Church presented by Chuck Lewis. Chuck is my little brother from Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Our relationship goes back to 1983! This little Church was rocking, and the spiritual passion was very moving. Message themes included “The Dream Maker and the Dreamer,” “When the devil is dogging your trail, keep on going,” and “Noone can whoop the Word!” Chuck’s music was fantastic! He may be having a transcending impact. […]

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