Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 31, 2008

The Journey

The Journey

     How well do we enjoy the “journey” while we are focused on the finish line, or “destination”? This balance between journey and destination always seems a bit tricky to obtain.


    The promise of ice cream for being good after a long car ride seemed like a destination to me, but the kids certainly acted like it was just another point on the journey . . . we stopped for ice cream anyway!

    Perhaps this is an area where we can again learn from our children. In the one mile fun run we ran last weekend, they all three loved the competition itself although with varying degrees of seriousness. But, the competition and finish line was just part of the vacation journey to them.

     I suppose competitive athletes as a group tend to be more destination or result oriented. This is good to the extent that we are achievers and get things done, but we may forget to slow down and chill every now and then. On the flip side, folks who are only journey oriented may have a lot of fun, but never really accomplish much. We all need balance.

     Maybe working on this balance is a reason I enjoy Ironman distance racing so much. In shorter races I know I can place high, or win my age group, so the finish line becomes a results oriented destination. In Ironman racing I have now done enough that I have very little doubt about finishing, and just about as little doubt that I will place in any way. So, while the finish line is certainly a destination and result, the journey seems more meaningful.

      The journey and the destination are best when they go together. Enjoying the journey while at the same time keeping an eye on the finish, result, or prize is a key to success that is practical, professional, and even spiritual (see: Philippians 3:14).

Trying a little ice cream,




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