Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 10, 2008

Amazing People

Amazing People

     Wow! Do you ever find that some people are so amazing that they just leave you in awe? That is an aspect of my triathlon career that I have really enjoyed. I have written previously about heros, and some of the sports biggest stars that I have had the opportunity to know.


Sarah Reinersten with David at 2007 Hawaii Ironman

     Our family is in awe of Sarah Reinersten. Sarah is a remarkable young lady. After seeing the drama of her becoming the first female leg amputee to complete the Hawaii Ironman in 2005, we have been excited to be with her several times over the last couple of years.

     A couple of weeks ago my wife showed me an ad in New York Times Magazine with our friend Sarah. Since she is now a “star,” I e-mailed her to ask permission to write about her and post a picture. She promptly responded with the same excitement she displays in real life.

     Since her Ironman finish, Sarah has been featured on “The Amazing Race,” and most recently in print and TV ads for Mercury. You can keep up to date with Sarah here. We get excited every time we see her!

     “Fear Less. Live More.”  is Sarah’s moto a theme she uses in public speaking. I love hearing her speak because you know she truly lives what she says, and you can actually feel it!

     Sarah, we are proud of you! We are glad we can call you a friend. People like you encourage us, motivate us, and put smiles on our faces . . . while at the same time the twinkle of a tear in our eye.




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