Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 25, 2008

Mistakes and Forgiveness

Mistakes and Forgiveness

     How many mistakes do you make? In racing, even after 148 triathlons including 17 Ironman finishes, I still occasionally miscalculate my nutrition, gear, or strategy for the conditions. Mistakes are part of life and part of all of us.


     Yesterday I did a Children’s Sermon with the same title “Mistakes & Forgiveness.” It was interesting to me how many adults came up to me after the service to say it felt like I could have been speaking directly to them. Perhaps, I was speaking directly to myself.

     It seems that sometimes I am a constant mistake machine. I tend to be a bit hard on myself when I make mistakes, but I do try to reflect and learn. If it is true that we learn from our mistakes, then that would be a good explanation for any smarts I actually have. I suppose that maybe the most important lesson from any mistake is that we actually learn from it.

     On the flip side, how good are you at forgiving? I personally find the ability to forgive to be a very mature quality. Many people seem not quite capable of forgiveness regardless of age. Maybe those who can’t forgive are really more caught up in their own faults than those of others.

     Perhaps I am a bit better at forgiving than learning. I am not prone to hold grudges and usually can move on pretty quickly. I tend to be a forward looker as apposed to a backward reflector. Of course that has both its positives and negatives too.

     A corollary to forgiveness, is the ability to accept forgiveness and move on. Just like some folks who can’t forgive, there are also those who can’t accept forgiveness. Accepting forgiveness completes the circle that allows relationship to move forward in a healthy manner. I can probably continue to improve in this area.

     Back to the Children’s Sermon, it seems that children are well equipped to learn from mistakes and to forgive others. They also seem to be able to accept forgiveness. Maybe learning from the children will make me a better parent and person.

Please forgive me,



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