Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 18, 2008



     Commitment, determination, perseverance – all of these words have been used to describe endurance athletes. If you are reading these words you probably either value these traits, and/or are exploring what they mean to you. Personally I suppose that I am doing a little of both. Commitment had heightened meaning to me this past week – Cindy and I celebrated our 10th anniversary!


Cindy & David – Ironman Europe 1998

     One strong memory of our wedding is the message that was delivered by then 80 year old Pastor Henry Lewis. Rev. Lewis, now 90 and doing well, is the father of my senior law partner Mike Lewis. This connection certainly made our special day even better, and more memorable.

     The theme of Rev. Lewis’ message was “Commitment.” I was only a couple of feet away from him, but I imagine the whole church jumped a bit when he pumped his fist and exclaimed “Committed!” Wow – I just got goose bumps all over again remembering that moment!

     I believe in commitment. It is part of me, and who I am. That is one thing you can count on from me. Perhaps that is related to my on-off switch. My commitment switch stays on.

     I’ve told Cindy many times that she will probably have lots of problems with me being hard headed, sometimes immature, overly focused, and probably too many other quirks to list in a short article. She now knows I have lots of faults. But, she will never have to worry about me being committed!

     I take great pride that I have been with Mike Lewis, my senior law partner, for 22 1/2 years. Every day of my post education work life has been in the same building, although we have added on several times. For a small law firm this is very unusual. If you pull out the 1985 phone book, you will see that we are about the only ones to survive the test of time – commitment! Of course, this commitment now extends to our whole team at Lewis & Daggett.

     Church and my spiritual life are very important to me. I basically don’t miss a Sunday, even when traveling no matter where we are. I’ll never forget being in at the service at Mokuaikaua Church in Kona with my family just hours after the 6.8 scale earthquake during Ironman week. This commitment is very important to us.

     That brings us back to the physical part. I have previously discussed that my spiritual and physical aspects are intertwined. I usually start my workdays with a 5:30 swim. “Usually” may be the wrong term since I can count on one hand the number of days over the past 23+ years that I haven’t been first in line at the Y in the morning. Perhaps other descriptors are appropriate!

Yours’ Committed,


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