Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 11, 2008

Flip the Switch

Flip the Switch

     This morning in Sunday School someone brought a sweet snack, which is sort of typical for our class. One of our classmates joked with Cindy that he needed to be sure to get one before I saw them. Cindy told him not to worry because I gave them up for Lent. Our friend says “I bet that is hard.” To which Cindy responds, “Not really, he has an on-off switch!”


She Flips My Switch!

     Do you wonder if everyone has an on-off switch? I never really thought about it much. Perhaps type-A personalities are more likely to have the “switch,” so we have to remember that others don’t. It reminds me that many times our greatest strengths are also our greatest weaknesses. I have disclosed some of my weaknesses over the past several weeks, so forgive me if I focus on the positive.

     Over the years some of my training buddies have joked with me about my training and how I race so differently. For example, in short course racing I have always been able to up my game on race day. Particularly on the bike in Sprint or Olympic distance races I just love to turn it “on” and let it rip.

     Over the course of my career I have done a good bit of public speaking. Recently I have spoken to some student and parent groups on Internet Safety. I always work from just a short outline not using notes, and never completely script a presentation. Some times my in office previews or dry runs are a bit flat, but I have every confidence that when it is real the switch will come on. It most always does.

     Probably my most important “switch” has been my marriage. Assuming my lovely bride Cindy will tolerate (smile) me a few more days we will celebrate our tenth anniversary this week. She certainly flips my switch! When some of my buddies have gotten married and asked me for my best advice, I have always advised them to “flip the switch” and always put your bride first. Even when I lag a bit, I remind my self to flip that switch.

     I tend to look at the bright side regarding the “switch,” and am glad I have been blessed with the ability to turn it “on” when I needed. Of course, sometimes I need to remember to turn it off. For now, I’ll focus on the positives.



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