Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 4, 2008

Always Under Construction

Always Under Construction

     Are we always contructing in our lives? Are we building for a better future? One of the exciting things about a fitness lifestyle is that we are always working and improving how we do things, our training routines, and preparation for competition and life.


Contruction tour at son’s school

      This past week was a bit of a tough week – we had two extended relatives of folks at the office pass away. Those sorts of times are always difficult. At the same time, I am always impressed how people come together in support of each other. At one of the funerals the pastor delivered a very interesting, heart warming, and even motivating message. He used construction as a metaphor for building in our lives.

     All good construction begins with a plan or blueprint to guide you along the way. Just like building a house, we need a plan or blueprint in life to guide us along the way. The plan is something we can refer back to and use to keep us on track. I have discussed my “anchors” in a previous article.

     Of course, all quality construction begins with a strong foundation. Our personal foundation is the principles and values upon which the rest of our lives are built. Supporting and building a strong foundation seems to allow us to have strong structures like professional successes, friendships and relationships that we can build upon and continue to work on.

     Quality construction requires us to use good material, equipment, and tools. For example, professionally we want to have a strong team of good people who use technology and processes to make us as strong as possible.

     As a building progresses, it is important to continually measure to make sure we are on track and that everything fits together properly. Likewise in life it is prudent to take time to measure to make sure our pieces are correct and that they fit together properly. I’ve noticed that successful people tend to measure and adjust frequently.

     On construction projects everyone works together. Of course there’s a foreman or leader, but everybody works together with scheduling, timing, and doing their separate roles. That spirit of cooperation certainly makes our own personal and professional lives more fulfilling and more successful.

     There are always things that are not in our control, like the weather, that can affect our construction projects. Just like in construction, success in life will be dictated by how we react to unforeseen problems. Our ability to adapt and make good decision when the unexpected arises certainly applies to triathlon.  As things change, we age,  we adjust the plan so we will continue to be successful.

     Life, unlike a physical building project, is always under construction. However, having good plans, building a solid foundation, working with good materials, remembering to measure, and being able to adapt will allow our lives, careers, and relationships to be strong. The improvement and growth of the building process is exciting!


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