Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 28, 2008

Play Doubles Tennis

Play Doubles Tennis

     How well do we adapt to different and complementary roles in various aspects of our lives? Are we able to be flexible, cooperative, supporting, or yielding as the case may be? Perhaps these are some areas I need to work on.


Mike & Dave – Safe sober Prom Night Event

     My long time law partner Mike Lewis has been an avid tennis player for as long as I’ve known him. In fact, he and his wife Kathy have been among the top players in the Southeast ever since we first met in 1985. Their specialty is doubles tennis, and mixed doubles in particular. They really play together as a team.

     During the recent conversation with Mike he used the term “doubles tennis.” Crack! The term and the concept were metaphorically ingrained in my mind. He might not have realized the significance at the time, but I think he hit a winner!

     Fast paced, self confident, results oriented, effective people are the type who get things done. But, we don’t always have to take every “shot.” We don’t always have to hit the ball ourselves. Playing “doubles tennis” may not be the highest attribute for fast paced people.

     So, another goal for me in 2008 is to play better “doubles tennis.” Well, maybe I should say at least metaphorically, since I lack the superior hand eye coordination that Mike has. That has never been my greatest skill as an athlete, which probably explains why I migrated to swimming, biking and running.

     To play better doubles tennis I will need to actively work on not always taking the lead, recognizing areas to be more complementary in action, perhaps yielding at times, and help the other person to better get the ball over the net when in the best interest of the team.

     “Doubles tennis” probably ends up being more fun, makes other people better, encourages team work, and maybe even helps us become better people along the way.

Go ahead, this one is your shot,


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