Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 14, 2008

Take a “Chill Pill”

Take a “Chill Pill”

     Do you ever run into folks who think just might be part Cro-Magnum, or maybe Neanderthal? Well, may be I am one of them. I am always ready for action, and my wife’s highest compliment to me is that I am a great protector. Sometimes the slightest stimulus can bring out my animal nature, including the actual raising of the hair on the back of my neck. At least you’ll be safe!


Coconut – right off the tree, crack on a rock, drink out of the shell.

     When I was growing up, I can remember very clearly, particularly my sisters, telling our Dad to “take a chill pill!” This wasn’t because he was really doing anything bad, or harmful. There were just times that he needed to ease up, or back off. Certainly, at least the appearance of easing up would have been helpful. Well, this apple didn’t fall too far from the tree – in fact, I may be a carbon copy!

     So, OK sisters, my next resolution for 2008 is to take a “chill pill.” Like, Dad, this probably needs to be focused more on external perception and effects. I personally believe I am wound a bit less tight on the inside than it may appear on the outside. Either way, the chill pill would probably help. Perhaps this a close corollary to Slow Down, which by the way I have been working on this past week.

     Part of what I am going to work on is “responding” as opposed to “reacting.” Responding is more cool and collected, and is probably a more comfortable, or pleasing, outward appearance. Great athletes are sometimes described as being able to see things in slow motion. They are probably calmly responding, or at least it appears that way.

     Personality tests all describe traits in their own way. I always test to be some form of “driver” and as having very high energy. There is kinda the two way rub on some of these issues….it is a two way street. On one side it wears other people out. I have been described professionally as being like playing ping-pong with someone on steroids. The good part about a driver is that I get things done, and I don’t need to be pushed to get going. Moderation, though, would serve me well at times.

     Hey, Dad, if you are reading, we may both need a chill pill every now and then, but I sure thank you for instilling a number of lifelong values and traits. Many of those lessons have become topics over the last several months on these pages. So, thanks Dad!

I’m trying to chill,


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