Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 17, 2007

Triathlon on NPR

Triathlon on NPR

      OK, I’ll admit it, my car radio is usually tuned to our local National Public Radio station. After listening to them for a number of years I thought I’d be bold and send them some information on the Hawaii Ironman. They followed up with me shortly after my return from Hawaii and they ended up doing a half hour show on their weekly Voices and Viewpoints (click Nov.) program.


      Over the years I have actually done a number of interviews for various media for our law firm, our Safe Sober Prom Night program, and a few on triathlon/Ironman competitions. These previous interviews were usually short – 3 to 5 minutes – and were more “sound bite” driven. Those reporters did very nice jobs, but were time limited. Some of those interviews are linked on the right sidebar.

      NPR is driven more by journalism than sound bites. The show was recorded in the studio with just me and the host and station manager, Denise Franklin. I knew Denise from many years back when she was a local TV newscaster. However, in this venue I was in for a real treat. Denise is first and foremost a journalist, as opposed to a reporter. She was looking for stories behind the story. I found her to be enchanting.

      Perhaps the most interesting part was that Denise and her producer, Kathryn Mobley, knew little about triathlon so the interview was a different tack than I had done, or could even prepare for. They didn’t ask about race times, and things like that which really aren’t all that important in the big picture. So, the story took some interesting twists that turned into a learning experience for me. Surprisingly, and maybe you can hear it in my voice, it even got emotional a couple of times.

     To me, I still think I sound a bit dorkey on the radio, but is was a good experience, exposed a new crowd to triathlon, and helped me grow along the way. To hear the interview, click here, then on November achieves, and the MP3 link will be at the bottom of the short article.

     Now that triathlon is part of the NPR community, you may want to tune in and get some classical music culture too. Many thanks to WFDD for expanding the triathlon world!


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