Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 19, 2007

Are We All Destined to be Athletes?

Are We All Destined to be Athletes?

     Do you think we might all just be destined to be athletes? One day at the gym last week I was observing a new guy doing a workout routine that I had never seen before. It had elements of grace, strength, balance, and difficulty. I got to talking with him and learned that he was doing an art called Capoeira that he brought with him from his native Brazil.


     Caroeira is a form of “fight dancing” that was African in tradition apparently originating in Brazil that repressed people passed along in secret. They used it to pass along culture, tradition, as well as a way to lift their spirits during difficult times. My new friend at the gym said it was often passed along secretly by families in small hidden spaces, like the family kitchen.

     One thing that I actually thought about was Capoeira and how even in the most difficult of circumstances, people are programmed to desire both physical activity and social activity. Both are obviously integral parts of the Ironman experience as well. Could it be that some of us are genetically and historically destined to athletic endeavors that others call “crazy”?

     In studying history, native people in Asia, Africa, South America, and Native Indians all used forms of dance and physical activity as important parts of their societies. Activity has historically been incorporated into cultural, spiritual, and social interaction. It seems that everywhere except perhaps our in our most modern societies people have woven physical activity into the various aspects of their lives.

     So, perhaps we are all destined to be athletes. We just can’t let society and modern life pressures interfere with our natural instincts. Rather, we need to integrate this natural instinct into our daily lives. It makes us better people! Maybe we need to better promote physical activity as a daily part of our spheres of influence like our kids, families, neighbors and co-workers.

Maybe I’m not so crazy, I am just destined to be (very) active,


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