Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 14, 2007

Always Finish!

Always Finish!

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     Just a short 20 hours ago my toes were dancing down Alii Drive to finish the 2007 Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship! Wow what a day! It truly is everything you ever dream of in the world of triathlon. I suspect (hint, hint) that in the weeks to come I will do some more reflecting on the day, the lessons learned, and the deeper meaning that always sets in.


     I do want to share a few of my immediate reflections on the day. First, foremost, and always with me is the support I get from Cindy and the Kids, as well as Mom and Dad for joining us, and to all the family and friends who I know followed on-line. Ironman day is a long day for spectators too and their endurance was every bit as good as mine.

     There is no finer person on Earth than Cindy. She has a combination of style, class and grace that is unmatched. The support is unending. In a funny sort of way, the difficulties of an Ironman day seem to magnify love and appreciation even more. Maybe you can see and even feel some of that in the photos above and in the Title bar. Sweetie, thank you, and I love you!

     Of course, I have the ongoing help and support from all the folks at L & D, and well as many friends back in Winston-Salem, and around the world. Thanks to you all. I may not always show it the best, but I appreciate you all more than you know.

     Three brief lessons on the day: 1) Never overestimate or underestimate anyone – on this scorcher of a day some of the finest athletes in the history of the sport were crumbled while at the same time there were more than 1000 remarkable success stories. 2) Be prepared to persevere – I suffered my first two flat tires ever during my more than 25 years of triathlon racing, and spent several hours of the race calculating that I had gone about 7,500 miles of racing without a flat.  So, I suppose my two flats on Saturday were to be expected at some point. You have to be ready to play the cards you are dealt, not always the ones you want. 3) Share the love of “Ohana,” Hawaiian for family – In Hawaiian this includes everyone with whom you share love. There was a lot of loved shared with me on Saturday by literally 1000’s of spectators and volunteers.

     I’ve previously written about having anchors in life and how as I’ve matured my spiritual and physical anchors have become intertwined. I believe that on Saturday they attained an ever higher level individually and together. I trust I fulfilled to some degree the words from the hymn “Take my feet and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee.” I hope my best version of “swift” was understood.

      Thank you for joining me. I’m sure I’ll further reflect upon my return to Winston-Salem next week.

Always Finish!



  1. Way to go David!!! Congrats from Ralph & Chrisann in WS.

  2. Congratulations on once again persevering and finishing THE ironman!!

  3. Congrats David on a strong finish in Hawaii. Your blogging is top notch.

  4. You are truly an inspiration! Congrats on your finish in Hawaii.

  5. […] to them for a number of years I thought I’d be bold and send them some information on the Hawaii Ironman. They followed up with me shortly after my return from Hawaii and they ended up doing a half hour […]

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