Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 8, 2007

Live From Hawaii!

Live From Hawaii!

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     Hello from Kailua-Kona and the Big Island of Hawaii! A special welcome to my kids’ classes at Summit School (Mrs. Rejeski’s, Mrs. Dickson’s, and Mrs. Helm’s classes), as well as family, my Daggett Shuler Team, friends, and Triathletes around the world! Thank you for joining me, and for your support of my family and me.


      I went to Church this morning at Mokuaikaua Church which is the oldest Christian Church in Hawaiian Islands (1820). The steeple in the photo is very prominent from Kailua Bay and is often seen in Ironman TV coverage. They were very welcoming to Ironman competitors. Below is a photo of two boys in seventh grade outside their Sunday School class. The like to surf and play soccer. They think Iron-people are cool – even old ones!


      After Church I walked over for a swim on the course in Kailua Bay.  After last year’s earthquake stirred water, it was a treat to see the fish and coral as I swam.  A very large cruise ship came in earlier in the morning. Their number one sight seeing target seemed to be trying to figure what they had stumbled upon with all these skimpy dressed folks swimming way out past their ship, and then hanging out with quite a bit of posing.

      This place is magical, and this week is as big as it gets in the triathlon world! Athletes are arriving from every Continent and speaking many languages. The locals are ready for us and I’ve felt nothing but full hospitality. The Ironman is the Super Bowl of the sport, and the buzz is already in the air.

      The Hawaii Ironman is an interesting dynamic. Sure, it is a race for some. But for most of us it is more of a pilgrimage to participate on the sport’s biggest stage and with the sport’s biggest stars. For me is also the continuation of a journey – a journey of self discovery. I am always anxious to see what I will find!

      My plan is to try to update this site, mainly the side show, daily this week. There is also a link to the slide show on the right side bar. Several of you have asked about the news coverages and those are linked also. Lastly, there is a link to race day coverage. If there is anything you would particularly like to see, just let me know and I’ll try to get it done.

     Again, many thanks for the encouragement – We are looking forward to a great day! “He ‘Olina Leo Ka Ke Aloha” – Hawaiian proverb, which means “Joy is the voice of love.” Let us go forth with joy!



  1. Just found your site, thanks so much for showing us your beautiful pics. Please keep them coming, I was lucky enough to have been there in 2005 and sure brings back such sweet memories!!

  2. I hope your family got there safely today. I know that they were all excited about ocming. It was great seeing the picture of the church steeple. It is an awesome site and I took several photos of it last year on race day.

    Love to you all. Give the kids an extra hug from Miss Nelson:-)

  3. […] based on keeping everything fully integrated. The result is that going into IM # 17 last October in Hawaii I really didn’t have any waxing and waning as far as […]

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