Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 1, 2007

Who’s in Your Mirror?

Who’s in Your Mirror?

     Do you really know who you are? How do you see yourself? Many of us see ourselves the way we would like to be as opposed to as we actually are. Funny enough, I still see myself as bold, fast, young and strong. Whereas, the truth is that I am aging, a bit fragile, starting to slow, and a bit scared . . . and the “Big Dance” is less than two weeks away!


     The Hawaii Ironman is getting very close now. No matter how I see myself, after the 2.4 mile ocean swim and 112 miles on the bike through the lava fields, when I hit the Natural Energy lab with temperatures approaching 130 degrees at about 17 miles into the run I will learn what I actually am, at least that day as far as the Ironman is concerned.

     Here’s the danger – if I pretend I am bold, fast, etc. during the first three, four, or five hours, I will surely pay a very heavy price later in the day. However, if I can be just a bit smarter and understand that I am now a bit older, fragile, etc., then I can have the patience to survive the day! The big black mirror of a lava field reflects only stark reality.

     One of my great mentors in life is my high wrestling coach, Mr. LeBeau.  He taught me to look in the mirror every night when I brush my teeth to see who I really am, and then to be that person including perpetually making that person better at who he actually is.

     So, how do we see ourselves in everyday life? Am I young, carefree, single guy, athlete, no risk lawyer? Or, when I look in the mirror do I actually see the husband, dad, responsible lawyer, and community member. We all know folks who try to be the former and by doing so put the latter at risk, for themselves and for others. Better to see us as we are.

     Please don’t confuse this with motivation – I still want to cover the course as quickly as I can. I just need to know that I am the 2007 version, and not the 1990 model I was when I first did the Hawaii Ironman. I still intend to “bring it home!”

     Next week my article will be live from Kona. Hawaii. A new slide show will be updated daily with a link on the side bar.

I can’t wait to see “me,” as I am, on the course!



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