Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 24, 2007

Catch a Tailwind!

Catch a Tailwind!

     You know what is like to catch a good tailwind, right? It seems like during this very hot summer there has always seemed to be a headwind . . . both going out and coming back! Then this past weekend I headed out for my last really hard ride before Hawaii. I rode about 90 miles into the hardest mountains in the area just to harden myself a bit. On the way back there is ALWAYS a headwind. But, surprise, I caught a great tailwind for over the final 20 miles on the way back home. That tailwind gave me great momentum – psychologically!


     One of the hardest parts of the Hawaii Ironman is facing the hellacious legendary Ho’o Mumuko winds in the middle of the lava desert on the bike course. I’m fighting them in the photo above. In addition to being physically tough, it can become psychologically devastating and break you . . . if you let it. Or, you can persevere, and survive the day!

     Does the same thing sort of seem to happen in life? It seems that we sometimes get so caught up in the daily rigors of our responsibilities and obligations that we feel like we always have a headwind. Frustration then sets in and the “wind” seems to blow even stronger. We can end up trapping ourselves in this situation just waiting, or hoping, for things to change.

     The good news is that although we certainly can’t control the actual winds, we can control the psychological “winds” that blow in our lives. How do we do this? We do it with a positive mental attitude. And the better news is that this is 100% under our control. The mind is a powerful motor and we have the ability to harness its power to control the winds in our lives.

     There are numerous techniques that can be used to consciously spark the positive mental attitude we all need to perform our best. A couple weeks ago we talked about Dave Scott’s magic of “Yes!” Any form of positive self talk will jump start our attitudes. Combine this with a healthy physical condition, surround ourselves with like minded positive people, and always work to improve, and we have a sure fire formula to control the winds.

Join me, and let’s catch a tailwind!



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