Posted by: David D. Daggett | September 17, 2007

What Are Your Anchors?

What Are Your Anchors?

     Do you know the “meaning” in your life? Of course, there is a seemingly endless supply of books on self-help, philosophy, religion, get rich quick, and so on. They all seem to try to define life for you. But the trick to finding “meaning” is that you have to find it yourself. Of course, that is what I always say I like so much about swimming, biking, and running alone – it gives me time to further and continuously define myself.


     Unfortunately a large number of people kind of stumble through life and never really have any purpose. I tend to believe that your purpose is more of a choice or conscious decision. So, I think you either consciously decide what you are, or you unconsciously stumble forward.

     I suppose you are getting older when you spend more and more time advising young people on their career goals. I usually walk them through a decision tree sort of process that significantly narrows down the options so that life doesn’t seem quite so daunting. This process always starts with considering what they want their anchors in life to be.

     These anchors become the ongoing foundation for everything we do and what we are. We should actually live, breathe, and feel so strongly about them that we are able to bring our self to tears almost any time just by reflecting on them. Once we believe in them that strongly, they become our guiding lights on our path through life.

     I have been able to describe my life anchors fairly specifically in three or four main categories. Mine are family, spiritual, professional, and physical. I say “three or four” because to me spiritual and physical are interwoven internally in a way that they actually become one.

     Once the anchors are defined, everything seems to fit better and “meaning” seems to come together much more readily. Then, everything in life is grounded by these anchors and they become the filters through which we choose life and all of its options and good possibilities. Moreover, it really makes most things a whole lot simpler because you have defined and know who you are.

     As a closing thought, please remember that although you can certainly consciously define your “meaning,” life remains more of a journey than a destination. The journey simply has a map that makes the trip better.

Let’s give meaning to the journey,



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