Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 20, 2007

Where Do We Find Honor?

    Where Do We Find Honor? 

     Honor – maybe that is something we are all looking for in ourselves. In Ironman training we do a lot of what is right, what is smart, what is good, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. But do we find honor?

     I was given a good simple reminder this past week of what, perhaps, we are all searching for. Here is a photo of our four-year-old son Riley playing his Hawaiian, of course, ukelele:            


     This past week we had to take his sisters, Annecy (8) and Emmaline (6) to the doctor’s office to get two shots each. They were both very brave up and until the nurse asked who was first. The girls were still good, but clearly a bit of apprehension, fear, and even resistance kicked in. At that point Riley stepped forward. He had a bit of a solemn yet determined look in his eyes. His chin was up. He looked at the nurse and said “I’ll take their shots.”

     Whoa – Daddy got a quick, simple, and yet unmistakable lesson in honor. This honor wasn’t thought out in advance, it didn’t include any chest beating, there was no selfish benefit for the act. It was pure and simple innocent honor.

     Honor probably encompasses a number of traits including being brave, honest, sincere, compassionate, sensitive, willingness, hardworking, devoted, and probably some undefinable intangibles.

     Mark Twain said “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” Honestly, isn’t that part of the reason for our Ironman training and racing. Perhaps we are looking for the honor of our own approval metaphorically through knowing that we honestly, ethically, and knowingly battled a tough day and yet prevailed. Maybe it really shouldn’t be that difficult.

     Riley, thanks for teaching the old man a lesson this week. Together, let’s always value and strive for the honor you teach me.

David (Daddio!)


  1. That picture of Riley is one of my favorites! I loved your story too of his honor. I had not heard it before He is really a GREAT kid. I actually feel that way about all 3 of them.

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