Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 23, 2007

Don’t Get Too High……….

   Don’t Get Too High……….

     The photo the is week from the Kids for Kids Triathlon here in Winston-Salem.  The local Triathlon Club( did a truly excellent job in orchestrating and presenting the event.  A feature was the presence of Major David Rozelle who lost his leg during active duty in Iraq.  Here he is holding Riley at the end of the fun run:



      Major Rozelle is an incredible story and inspiration to others.  Not only is he “back in action,” he has also completed the Hawaii Ironman World Championship.  We were fortunate to meet him last year in Hawaii.

      There are many, many lessons of inspiration that Major Rozelle exemplifies.  I would like to focus on two as they apply to those of us type A personalities, and how he can be a continuing example for us.

      I have tended to notice that type As many times tend to have high highs and low lows.  These swings are not always healthy for us or for those around us.  We need to enjoy the highs, of course, while at the same time not becoming too full of ourselves.  We also need to dampen the lows so we don’t dip into all the negatives that entails.  This doesn’t just apply to triathlons and athletics, but equally to us professionally.  These same traits are common with professionals, business leaders, and the whole spectrum of high achievers.

      So, how does David Rozelle and triathlons fit into all of this.  Well, we may tend to get a bit full of ourselves when we finish an Ironman, admittedly a high achievement.  But remember, that pales in contrast to a war hero who can do it with one leg!   At the other end of the spectrum, when we get down or take a bath in self pity remember that if the hero with one leg can lift his chin we certainly can too.

      Thanks Major Rozelle….I’m work on keeping more of an even keel.

Always take the high road,


  1. Nice post on an amazing individual. Would you share these thoughts with the community? I work on the site and am always looking for athletes such as youself who have insight to share. The community is here:

    It’s dedicated to endurance athletes and includes members like Dave Scott and Liz Applegate who post great information. I hope you will stop by.

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